Highlights as at 23 October 2017

Total reported funding: US$15.5m
Funding as a % of global total: 0.1%
Funding through appeals/response plans: US$0.0 (0.0%)
Funding through pooled funds: US$2.5m (16.0%)
Number of emergencies: 0
Number of appeals/response plans: 0

Response plans/appeals

Nothing to report...yet.
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Trends in reported funding

Figures for the current year represent amounts for the year to date.

Funding by source

Funding by sector

Largest UN recipients

Recipient organizationFunded (US$m)As a share of total funding (%)
United Nations Children's Fund1.49.0%
International Organization for Migration1.16.9%
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs1.06.2%
Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations0.85.2%
United Nations Population Fund0.74.5%
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees0.52.9%
World Health Organization0.42.7%
World Food Programme0.42.7%

Largest NGO, Red Cross/Red Crescent and other organizational recipients

Recipient organizationFunded (US$m)As a share of total funding (%)
International Committee of the Red Cross4.327.8%
ACF - Spain1.06.5%
Action Contre la Faim0.85.4%
Plan International0.85.1%
Center for Disaster Preparedness0.53.2%
Philippines, Government of0.53.2%
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development0.42.5%
Philippine Red Cross0.21.5%
Catholic Relief Services0.21.3%

Allocations through pooled funding mechanisms

Contributions to fund (US$m)Allocations by fund (US$m)
Central Emergency Response Fund0.02.5