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Flow ID Source org. Destination org. Description Sector Amount (US$) Funding status Boundary
International Committee of the Red Cross
To provide emergency aid and longer term livelihoods support to people directly affected by armed conflict and natural disaster throughout Somalia. The ICRC will also promote respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL). (203462-108) 6,319,115 Paid Contribution Incoming
Provision and expansion of primary health care in Melkadida and Kobe, and strengthening localcapacity in health in the Region Dollo Ado (VN05 321.50 SOM 01/15)
920,210 Commitment Incoming
126484 in kind - medical aid consisting of medications and medical materials through the Ministry of Health coordination with the Saudi National Campaign for the Relief of the Somali People
5,000,000 Paid Contribution Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
Aid to victims of conflict in Somalia 1,683,502 Commitment Incoming
ACT Alliance / Finn Church Aid
Aid to victims of conflict in Somalia 729,517 Commitment Incoming
Arche Nova E.V. - Initiative for People in Need
Improve access to WASH services for IDPs and the host community in the district of Belet-Xaawain the Gedo region of Somalia (AA-S05 321.50 SOM 03/15)
Water Sanitation Hygiene
165,708 Commitment Incoming
OXFAM Canada
WASH and livelihoods support for vulnerable drought and conflict-affected households in Bay and Gedo Regions (D002157-001)
1,441,153 Commitment Incoming
World Vision Canada
Health and livelihoods support for vulnerable households in Bay Region (D002157-003) 1,200,961 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRC Emergency Appeal 2015 (D002114)
2,401,922 Commitment Incoming
Qatar Charity
92,776 Beneficiaries 1,001,740 Paid Contribution Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
Help, protection, prevention and cooperation activities in Somalia in 2015 (AA-S05 321.50 SOM 04/15) 1,083,424 Commitment Incoming
Care Germany
Promoting education and drinking water supply and latrines in the refugee camps Dagahaley andIfo in Dadaab (AA-S05 321.50 SOM 02/15) 1,083,424 Commitment Incoming
World Vision Germany
To build household and community resilience to drought and other related risks in Somalia and to contribute to resilience building by enhancing the productive capacities of pastoral, agro-pastoral and peri-urban households and communities in selected locations.
762,079 Commitment Incoming
CARE International
The project will favour approx. 32,400 people, of it approx. 50% of women and children. It goes back to the success of the just concluded predecessor's project BMZ and should set up under inclusion of the local authorities and relevant ministries, the local population and the local economy the lasting management of the water infrastructure and strengthen therefore the Resilience of the people (2013.1822.9)
Water Sanitation Hygiene
1,625,135 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
Man-made crises / ICRC Economic Security, Water/Habitat and Health activities in Somalia (ECHO/-HF/BUD/2015/91024) 6,500,542 Commitment Incoming
SOS Kinderdorf
Man-made crises / SOS Children's Villages International Mother and Child Health Care Programme (ECHO/-HF/BUD/2015/91028)
1,106,195 Commitment Incoming
129253 In-Kind Emergency Food Assistance for Relief, Nutrition, Safety Net, and Livelihoods Activities; Cash Assistance and Food Vouchers (USAID/FFP) 61,294,534 Commitment Incoming
129255 Agriculture and Food Security, ERMS, Health, Humanitarian Coordination and Information Management, Logistics Support and Relief Commodities, Nutrition, Protection, Risk Management Policy and Practice, WASH (USAID/OFDA)
Early Recovery
29,164,304 Commitment Incoming
129256 Multi-Sectoral Protection and Assistance Activities to Aid Refugees, IDPs, and Conflict-Affected Victims (STATE/PRM)
Early Recovery
16,150,000 Commitment Incoming
Swedish Red Cross
Humanitarian Assistance 539,944 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
Humanitarian assistance to affected populations in multiple humanitarian crises 1,161,170 Commitment Incoming
Private (individuals & organizations)
Aide alimentaire d’urgence et soutien des moyens d’existence pour les populations affectées par les conflits et la sécheresse dans la région de Gedo, Sud de la Somalie
Food Security
340,136 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRC programme in Somalia (AH/CICR/2015/0006) 163,399 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
FY 2015 ICRC First Tranche Funding - Somalia Earmark (USAID/PRM) 8,650,000 Commitment Incoming
Norwegian Refugee Council
Support to Yemen refugees arriving through Puntland 235,101 Commitment Incoming
131080 Assistance to Yemeni refugees in Somalia [from Dar Al Ber Society] (Part of the AED 100,000,000 pledge towards the affected people of Yemen crisis in 2015) (YEM-2015-025) 130,661 Paid Contribution Incoming
To save lives and alleviate suffering (TRO 15 03) 493,301 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
Multilateral contribution to the ICRC emergency activities in Somalia to provide protection and assistance to affected people: This contribution will support hospitals in Mogadishu (Keysaney and Medina) and in Baidoa (Kismayo). 1,089,325 Commitment Incoming
International NGO Safety Organisation
Man-made crises / NGO Safety Program Somalia / Somaliland (ECHO/-HF/BUD/2015/91051)
Coordination and support services
544,662 Commitment Incoming
Concern Worldwide
To save lives and alleviate suffering (CON 15 04 HPP) 454,157 Commitment Incoming
NGO Consortium
Providing Life saving humanitarian relief to communities affected by shocks in Somalia - [IRF] (203462-102) 10,785,824 Commitment Incoming
World Food Programme
World Food Programme
Activities NOT COVERED by SRP
Coordination and support services
15,792,795 Paid Contribution Internal
SOS Sahel International
Food distribution and improvement of sanitation in Johwar (AH/SOSS/2015/0001 1/1)
Food Security
108,932 Commitment Incoming
United Nations Office for Project Services
Humanitarian Coordination and Info Management (USAID/OFDA)
Coordination and support services
250,000 Commitment Incoming
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
Secondment of IMO ot Unicef
Coordination and support services
85,552 Commitment Incoming
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
Secondment of Humanitarian Affairs Officer to OCHA
Coordination and support services
88,935 Commitment Incoming
Islamic Relief Worldwide
Access Primary Health Care Bondhere (7F-08377.02)
227,835 Commitment Incoming
Private (individuals & organizations)
Hum. Information for Somalia Speaking Regions (through Radio Ergo) (7F-06346.07)
Coordination and support services
618,557 Commitment Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
QZA-15/0216-17/additional grant to the ICRC emergency appeals 2,405,002 Paid Contribution Incoming
NGO Consortium
2015 Portion of multi-year contribution for 2013-2017 for "Building resilient communities in Somalia (BRCiS) for the Livelihoods and Resilient Consortium (total multi-year grant of GBP 21 M)
Early Recovery
9,222,460 Commitment Incoming
NGO Safety Program
Humanitarian assistance 153,846 Paid Contribution Incoming
Qatar Charity
70,000 Beneficiaries
823,949 Paid Contribution Incoming
Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates
in kind - Sending ship loaded of 450 tons of food aid (rice, flour, sugar, dates, oil, tea, salt, tuna, beans, and hummus) ( KBZ-2015-008)
Food Security
488,701 Paid Contribution Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
Humanitarian assistance 1,429,593 Commitment Incoming
Somalia Resilience Program
Humanitarian assistance 1,429,593 Commitment Incoming
Norwegian Red Cross
QZA-15/0178-7/Humanitarian assistance 496,794 Paid Contribution Incoming
Norwegian Red Cross
QZA-15/0178-6/Humanitarian assistance 397,435 Paid Contribution Incoming
International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRC Emergency Appeals 2015 (7F-04709.66) 1,028,807 Commitment Incoming
Save the Children
Live-saving emergency response in the Hiraan region after the impact of El Nino (AA-S05 321.50 SOM 08/15) 164,474 Commitment Incoming
ACT Alliance / Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe
Improve protection for displaced households to El Nino-induced rains and floods (AA-S05 321.50 SOM 07/15)
Emergency Shelter and NFI
164,474 Commitment Incoming
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