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Flow ID Sort descending Destination org. Description Sector Amount (US$) Funding status
ACT Alliance / Church of Sweden
Assistance to floods affected IDP communities in Arauca in Colombia. The main components of the relief interventions are; nutritional recovery, psychosocial recovery, community and environmental health, community participation and risk management as well as small communal infrastructure
119,581 Paid Contribution
Swedish Cooperative Centre
Food and Household items to people affected
144,881 Commitment
ACT Alliance / Diakonia, Sweden
Food and Household items to people affected
144,881 Commitment
World Health Organization
Response to the UN Flash Appeal
589,082 Commitment
United Nations Children's Fund
Response to the UN Flash Appeal 461,550 Paid Contribution
ACT Alliance / Church of Sweden
Immediate food relief, pscychosocial assistance, non-food items and shelter materials, early recovery, rehabilitation of houses and livelihoods
153,328 Paid Contribution
Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Emergency assistance to immediately restore food production and recovery of basic livelihoods of small farmers, artisanal fishing communities and vulnerable groups affected by hurricane Felix in the rural areas of the municipalities of Waspan, Puerto Cabezas, Rosita, Bonanza and Wiwil
756,549 Pledge
ACT Alliance / Diakonia, Sweden
Humanitarian support to people affected by the floods
23,232 Commitment
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