You have filtered on a destination object (Organization type). Please note that filters do not change a boundary, but reduces the result set accordingly. This means that flow funding values in the result set cannot always be simply added together to get the total funding, as other factors need to be taken into account, such as shared flows and internal flows.
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Flow ID Sort descending Destination org. Description Sector Amount (US$) Funding status
Sudan Humanitarian Fund
Awaiting allocation to specific agencies/sectors/projects 17,166,547 Paid Contribution
Democratic Republic of the Congo Humanitarian Fund
Awaiting allocation to specific agencies/sectors/projects 14,765,596 Paid Contribution
occupied Palestinian territory Humanitarian Fund
A Humanitarian Response Fund/Office of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator
Coordination and support services
1,469,496 Paid Contribution
Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund
Response to the appeal for Ethiopia-Humanitarian Response Fund 577,565 Paid Contribution
Iraq Humanitarian Fund
Expanded Humanitarian Response Fund for Iraq 439,710 Paid Contribution
Sudan Humanitarian Fund
To be allocated to specific agencies/sectors/projects in Sudan 2,809,219 Paid Contribution
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