Government donor snapshot for 2016

US$457.5m total funding reported to FTS
Percentage of total going to top three countries: 32.5%
Percentage of total spent through pooled funds: 11.7%
Percentage of total spent through appeals/response plans: 34.7%

Trends in reported funding

Total reported funding in the latest year shown (far right bar) represents funding reported for the year to date.

Funding to affected countries

All other funding includes all other funding that is allocable by country as well as regional, cross-border, unearmarked and unspecified funding (which is not allocable by country).

Funding by sector

Funding to recipient organizations

These are the first level recipients, as specified by the donor. The recipient organization may then reallocate funding to implementing organizations.

About donors

Each government donor has a page on FTS, which is constructed to display funding from the donor’s perspective. The pages present funding based on the donor’s source year, rather than the year the funding is used by a recipient organization.