Germany, Government of 2020

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Total funding: US$8,577,982
Total pledges: US$1,137,656
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Flow ID Destination org. Description Sector Amount (US$) Funding status
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (German Agro Action)
COVID-19 Emergency response project (Food Security, WASH and Shelter NFI) 1,137,656 Pledge
Médecins du Monde
Ensuring access to quality and comprehensive primary health care services for the conflict-affected population in the Governorates of Al-Hasakeh and Aleppo in Northeast Syria in relation to the COVID-19 crisis 0 (shared on boundary) Commitment
Médecins du Monde
Basic health care in Syria (2020 portion)
131,265 Commitment
CARE Germany-Luxembourg eV
Winter Relief for Internally Displaced Persons in Idlib and Aleppo, Syria
Emergency Shelter and NFI | Food Security | Health | Water Sanitation Hygiene
1,122,353 Commitment
CARE International
Covid-19-Support and protective measures for crisis-affected Syrian refugees and Jordanians in five Jordanian cities
Protection | Protection - Child Protection
941,176 Commitment
Medico International
Covid-19-Providing health services and training to Syrian refugees and vulnerable families in host communities
455,294 Commitment
Save the Children
Covid-19-Provide psychosocial and nutritional services to pregnant / breastfeeding women and toddlers in camps in north-eastern Syria 1,731,914 Commitment
International Rescue Committee
Provision of multi-sectoral humanitarian aid to conflict-affected households in North-East Syria
Health | Protection
909,213 Commitment
Norwegian Refugee Council
Covid-19 multisectoral measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the negative impact on the livelihoods of people affected by displacement in Syria and eight countries in Africa
Emergency Shelter and NFI | Food Security | Health | Protection | Water Sanitation Hygiene
568,720 Commitment
International Rescue Committee
Support for the continuation of necessary health services as part of the humanitarian assistance in North-West Syria
1,315,829 Commitment
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (German Agro Action)
Emergency humanitarian assistance for the people affected by the conflict in north-west Syria in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
Food Security
1,173,709 Commitment
Caritas Germany (DCV)
Covid-19 securing of the basic needs of vulnerable groups through food and hygiene article distribution (NFIs), winter aids and psychosocial activities, Aleppo / Syria
Emergency Shelter and NFI | Food Security | Protection | Water Sanitation Hygiene
228,509 Commitment
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