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Ole Kirk’s Foundation
Danish Refugee Council
Psychological First Aid, Child Protection Community-Based PSS, Child Protection Case Management, Emergency Cash Assistance, and Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to children and caregivers impacted by the Beirut Port Explosions. Total: DKK 3,533,475 (2020: DKK 1,570,433; 2021: 1,963,042) 250,508 Commitment 219041
Danish Refugee Council
Emergency support to the affected population of the Beirut Port Disaster. 1.Support vulnerable groups with emergency protection such as Psychosocial Support (PSS) including Psychosocial First Aid (PFA) and emergency cash assistance (ECA).2.Support affected populations through partnerships by providing basic assistance.3.Conduct emergency livelihoods assessments for affected areas with a focus on linking emergency business support grants to lifesaving assistance.
474,051 Paid Contribution 217985
Danish Refugee Council
Support vulnerable groups with emergency protection, cash, basic assistance, and more, in light of the Beirut explosion august 2020
474,051 Commitment 217713
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