Highlights for 2016

US$22.5bn total funding reported to FTS
Percentage of total going to top three countries: 25.1%
Percentage of total provided by top three donors: 54.1%
Percentage of total through appeals/response plans: 47.8%

All funding for 2016 by donor, recipient organization and sector.

The Data tab for this page, which will provide a fully-featured dynamic table of global humanitarian financing figures per year, is still in development and will be released shortly. This will provide information such as the following:

    - global humanitarian funding by recipient
    - global humanitarian funding by sector

Total reported funding by donor

Please note that the value in the chart above for European Commission includes the values for subsidiary bodies such as ECHO and the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey.

Funding trends inside and outside the response plan/appeal

Total reported funding in the latest year shown (far right bar) represents funding reported for the year to date.