Global snapshot for 2018

US$21.31bn total funding reported to FTS
Percentage of total going to top three countries: 31.9%
Percentage of total provided by top three donors: 52.3%
Percentage of total through appeals/response plans: 64.9%

Total reported funding by affected country

All other funding includes all other funding that is allocable by country as well as regional, cross-border, unearmarked and unspecified funding (which is not allocable by country).

Funding for 2018 from top 5 donors globally

Please note that the value in the chart above for European Commission includes the values for subsidiary bodies such as ECHO and the ECHO-DFID.

Funding for 2018 from top 10 donors globally

Funding (US$m)% as a share of global funding
United States of America, Government of6,962.332.7%
European Commission2,479.811.6%
United Kingdom, Government of1,705.08.0%
Germany, Government of1,470.36.9%
United Arab Emirates, Government of972.94.6%
European Commission - EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey830.73.9%
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of), Government of814.73.8%
Canada, Government of642.23.0%
Sweden, Government of603.82.8%
Norway, Government of481.52.3%

Total reported funding by sector

Funding trends inside and outside the response plan/appeal

Total reported funding in the latest year shown (far right bar) represents funding reported for the year to date.