The FTS database handles ambiguity in several ways. One of these is by allowing a flow to be linked to multiple values of destination parameters, such as to multiple destination counties (for e.g. regional funding) or multiple destination years (multi-year contributions). This is used typically in cases where such details are provided but a breakdown is unavailable, thus the flow to multiple destinations will be recorded.

When searching for flows in relation to a given boundary, flows with multiple values relevant to the search boundary are returned, but not included in totals for that parameter. For example, a search for all flows to destination year = 2017 will include flows with multiple destination years 2017, 2018, 2019, but their value is not added to the totals for 2017 since no specifc breakdown is available. Likewise, a search for flows in relation to the boundary destination country = Lebanon will include flows with multiple destination countries Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, but will not be included in totals for any of those countries.

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