On 5 December 2016, at the launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview 2017, OCHA announced that humanitarian partners would require US$22.2 billion to respond to the needs of 92.8 million people in 33 countries in 2017. These include preliminary estimates of some countries subject to change in coming weeks with the conclusion of the 2017 planning process. 

A hyperlink in the summary tables indicates that a response plan's requirements have been finalized and that FTS has started to track them.

Humanitarian Response Plans

Afghanistan550.2 M
Burundi73.7 M
Cameroon309.6 M
Central African Republic399.5 M*
Chad588.8 M
Democratic Republic of the Congo748.0 M*
Djibouti43.0 M*
Ethiopia895.0 M
Haiti370.0 M*
Iraq930.0 M*
Libya151.0 M
Mali293.0 M
Myanmar150.0 M
Niger271.3 M
Nigeria1.054 B 
occupied Palestinian territory550.0 M
Somalia864.0 M
South Sudan1.3 B*1
Sudan952.0 M*2
Syria3.4 B*
Ukraine214.0 M*
Yemen1.9 B*

Other Appeals **

Burkina Faso61.1 M
Mauritania74.5 M
Senegal15.8 M

Regional Refugee Response Plans

Burundi RRRP406.1 M
Nigeria RRRP241.2 M
South Sudan RRRP1.2 B
Syria 3RP4.7 B

* The figures cited are estimates pending finalisation of the 2017 HRP

1 The figures cited are from 2016 and await completion of the HRP for 2017

** Humanitarian action plans developed fro 2016 as a transitional measure strategically aligned with resilience and development framework

The global figures in the GHO 2017 (128.6 million people in need , 92.8 million people to receive aid and $22 billion requirements for 2017 do not include RRP country chapters already covered in corresponding HRPs.